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IaaS will become SaaS on a "Hosted Public Cloud"

In the two-year prediction on the cloud consumption from 451 research shows that 60% of the workload will be running on cloud.

This is not very surprising; all reports show an increase of workload on cloud services.
What’s interesting in this report is that On-Premises cloud and IaaS in growing as well.

If you define On-premises cloud as IT services produced locally but has an elastic capability, then a growth of this area would mean that organizations aren’t ready to move to a public cloud based service due to some restrains or unsecure feeling/lack of knowledge, but they would like to get the benefits of “cloud attributes”.

I don’t think this will happen!

You can see the progress from the big 4 (AWS, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba) Link, that they aim to provide services that are more local, either with new datacentres or technical solutions to lock it down to a region/country.

Would this be called “Hosted Public cloud”?
Private clouds will not be a service 2020 in the way it is today.

The other interesting findings you can read is that IaaS will grow from, 9,8% to 15,9 %.

What does that mean?

This tells a lot about how the IT managers of Cloud service look on their self’s and their skills.

I think this will grow much more but you will not talk about as IaaS.

My take is that the skills and understanding in this area will be the common for everyone, and this will result in a non-interest of IaaS, you will start consuming SaaS and PaaS. IaaS will just be a part in the service and IT decision-makers will “rise above” and start talking about services instead.
(How many IT decision-makers talk about what hardware their VMs are running on today?)

The finding that 451 research does bases in the survey is that transition vendors should position them self’s as strategic partner. Well, this is a must for anyone on the market at any time!
If you can’t be the strategic partner or trust adviser you shouldn’t be a transition vendor.

The 451-research result on this survey point out many good things, that SaaS will grow!

Yes, start your transition.

The “no-cloud” situation will be a legacy, simulare to what mainframe has gone thru.

Start your transformation!

The survey focus on the next two years, and that the right time span to look at! You don’t know what’s going to happen in 3-5 years on the detail level, to aim for a longer period you can predict more of the strategic use of IT services.

My findings are just my view of the result from the 451 research survey that more the 700 IT decision-makers about cloud adoption have on their mind!

Ola Ehrstedt
Loving “The Cloud” at Knowit.
- a trusted adviser 😉