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Projektmässan: A Pit Stop For Consultants

Consultancies are a bit like race tracks.

Whenever a consultant gets an assignment, they dust themselves off, check the pressure in their tyres and set out on the track, whizzing past everyone in sight – especially those sitting in the pits.


If all goes well, you don’t see too much of them until their assignment is done. They may tell you stories about their adventures during the occasional pit stop, but before you can ask back, they’ll be on the track again: motors rumbling, fumes blowing, leaving you with a vague impression of what they said but nothing more. 


 …But since consultants aren’t ACTUALLY race cars, it’s not that hard to get together once or twice a year (i.e. a "real-life pit stop") and show each other what we’re working on.

Which is exactly what Knowit Core and Mobile did on April 26, 2019! Our Projektmässan event was basically a showcase for 5 assignments we’ve been spending lots of time on recently: from internal co-creation websites to food database systems, checkout interfaces and fashion-focused mobile apps, there was something for everyone!

Case in point:

I saw the checkout presentation, and I really liked it! It was nice to get a clear picture what the project was actually about after having heard about it several times.

A great evening for both learning more about what my co-workers are up to and reinforcing the Knowit spirit.

As a consultant manager, you think you know what’s going on in the company – and then events like these happen, where you’re surprised (and delighted) that so much is going on!

It was outstanding to see the interest and engagement of the audience and it was fun to answer their questions.

We had no idea that the database some of us were working on was such a well-used and huge database for keeping check on food products and their content.

The event gave us an opportunity to learn of colleagues' projects and expertise, which is interesting both socially and professionally, since this has the potential to lead to more and better collaborations within Knowit.

demoday_social-1Want to find out more about events like these? Get in touch with Knowit Core and Mobile here.